Nothing Different :)

It gets better

In the begining it feels like its all happening at one time, or that’s how I felt at least. Some times I have dreams about the day I got diagnosed, I was lucky and didn’t have to go to the hospital.I spent over six hours in a diabetic research center, it was like a nightmare it felt like I was in there forever. That night wasn’t much better, but I have learned to put that day behind me. And now I dream of how much better tomorrow will be, and if you are having a hard time with it, you should do the same.

Never alone :)

The best thing that will help you get through and better understand your diabetes is someone who is going through what you are. I have yet to find a friend but that doesn’t bother me, and if you don’t have a diabetic friend yet don’t let it bother you either. You still have all of your friends but it’s nice to have others, but I’ll be your friend! :D You never really think about how many people are diabetic (type 1 or 2). But when you do there are millions! Never feel alone, and if you do write me back or go to

Be active

A big part of diabetes is being active, it keeps your blood sugar at a good level and it lets you forget about everything and just enjoy what your doing. In my opinion, the best sport to to lower your blood sugar has either a bat (like softball or baseball) or a racket (tennis or badmitton). Because it has alot of running and you’re always using you’re arms. I love playing softball, on a team or with my dad. But you should always drink a Gatorade before you so your blood sugar doesn’t drop to low. Being active is important (being diabetic or not) it is something that you will enjoy andit keeps you healthy!

The Medical side of things

The biggest part of diabetes is strength. The strength to accept the way things are, and the strength to put up with all of the medical crap (which gets easier). Like the hardest part for me were the finger pricks (I have the biggest fear of needles!). In the beginning my dad had to do my shots because I couldn’t handle it yet, but with time I was able to and now I do everything myself. What ever the hardest part for you is practice it. On finger pricks take the lancet out and put up to your finger and practice it a few times. Or if it’s the shots, put a separate needle aside and practice on a stuffed animal.(Just don’t use that needle on yourself!!!!) At the begining of summer I went to a special diabetic camp (camp too sweet), everyone there had a pump and they told me how amazing they were and that they make your life so much easier. So lately I have been looking into pumps, but it really sucks because you have to been diagnosed  for at least six months ( I’ve been diagnosed for only one). But if you don’t have one look into it they are wonderful! I suggest the one touch ping.

Today may be hard, but look to tommrow


Today may be hard, but look to tommrow

Changed they way I look at things

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Closer to love

The other night I was listening to my I pod, just flipping through songs when “closer to love” by Matt Kearny came up. I had never payed attention to the lyrics, but then I started to listen and it made me cry it was so true, you have to listen to it. In other words it made diabetes easier, every time I get upset about the way things are i listen to that song :)


At first you feel…. detached. Some people treat you different, before you found out you weren’t feeling well but didn’t think much of it but now that you know, there was something wrong, you’re self conscious that things have changed and your life is completely different. And the daily shots and finger pricks don’t make things the slightest bit easier, but you have got stay stay on the positive side of things.

                 Positive                                               Negative

  • You are healthy                                    never look at the negative
  • You Know what was wrong
  • You know how to keep healthy
  • Things will feel “normal” again
Keep confidence


Keep confidence